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Choosing the right kitten

Выбираем правильно котёнка

Choosing the right kitten

When choosing a Maine Coon kitten, you must understand that it is not cheap.
Therefore, calculate in advance your financial possibilities for the purchase and care of a pet.

The chosen pet must fully meet your expectations. A kitten of two or three months should already present the characteristics inherent in the breed: brushes on the ears, a muzzle in the form of a box, a long tail.

You should not pay much attention to the color of the animal; it is more necessary to evaluate the character of the cat. A properly built animal of a pronounced type will look attractive regardless of the color of the coat.

Such varieties of Maine Coons are widespread: American and European types. Americans are squat, larger in size and have a wider bone. For Europeans, a wild look, a more elongated body, a long tail, and a narrow muzzle are inherent. European kittens have a beautiful decoration in the form of tassels on their ears already noticeable from an early age.

In catteries in breeding work specialists purposefully improve the pronounced characteristics of Maine Coons: an improved shape of the ears, an enlarged forehead, a heavier skeleton of animals.

Before choosing a certain kitten decide which types look will totally suits you.

Only healthy

When choosing a kitten pay attention to the state of health in appearance. It must be active and well-groomed, with no visible signs of disease. The pet’s coat should be silky, fluffy and shiny. Clean eyes, nose and ears, absence of discharge, coughing and sneezing are also signs of a cat’s health.


It is better to buy Maine Coon at the age of 3-3.5 months. By this time, all the vaccinations were made, the animal got stronger next to the cat, for a long time it fed on its mother’s milk. The kid adopted the necessary habits in the company of his brothers and sisters, got used to people.

Do you really want to have a Maine Coon kitten and you already know a lot about this cat breed? Then you should definitely take a closer look at the kittens of our cattery. These incredibly beautiful and intelligent animals will become your loyal friend and full member of the family.