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About breed

What are the features of Maine Coons?

Let’s start the description of the Maine Coon breed by mentioning that this cat family is considered the largest among the domestic breeds. It is not surprising that this cat is often compared to a raccoon and is called a room lynx. These noble animals with amazing looks inspire respect and awe. The breed is not only large in size, these cats combine an amazing amount of excellent qualities: a good-natured and gentle character, refined grace, strength and endurance.

Beautiful and hardy Maine Coons grow slowly and reach full maturity only by 4-5 years. At this age, the weight of an adult cat is about 11-15 kg and the weight of a female is slightly less – 4.2-7.3 kg. These large and good-natured giants have a number of physical features:

The body is hardy and muscular.

Up to one meter in length, with a wide chest and medium neck length.

The head is massive with a flat skull, a wide nose and a strong prominent chin.

The muzzle appears slightly elongated due to the high cheekbones.

Large expressive eyes, long whiskers and pointed ears with tassels at the tips are very harmonious considering the overall size of the cat.

The nose is large enough, wide and powerful.

The paws are large and strong, of medium length and the hair between the toes makes the cat especially attractive.

The tail is quite thick at the base, very fluffy. Its length corresponds to the size of the cat's body.

The coat is heavy with a thick undercoat, but the structure is silky and shiny. The coat consists of several layers. The first water-repellent layer protects the animal's body from moisture and the second layer protects from cold and wind. The coat is short at the head and shoulders and stretches along the back, sides and abdomen. In the neck area, the woolen coat has a frill shape. The top coat is absent only on the inner surface of the hind legs and lower body.